To only treat problems seems like half a practice to Dr. Casi. That’s not what she had in mind when she founded Envision Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center over 15 years ago. It’s her goal – her philosophy even – that people deserve to lead a healthy life. While some things are outside of our control, Dr. Casi is a firm believer in Wellness as a lifestyle. Wellness should be available to all. And in reality, a wellness program is far less expensive than treating disease and sickness. Dr. Casi has seen the results. With the right tools, headache sufferers stop hurting. Asthma sufferers are relieved. Chronic ailments are eradicated.

Please review the following wellness program provided by Envision Health. Take the links to discover more about each area of wellness.

Corporate Wellness Programs

A solution for companies worried about rising health costs.

Nutritional Counseling

Diet and health play a significant role in how your body performs.

Nutritional Testing 

Testing for imbalances in your system can lead to significant findings that may not have been revealed with standard blood tests.  


Envision Health works with companies concerned about rising healthcare costs. We help these companies incorporate corporate wellness into their business. A wellness program often pays for itself repeatedly. The workforce becomes more involved and healthier and the healthcare costs go down. Dr. Casi can help employers create a program of wellness that results in better business performance.

Envision Health provides a corporate wellness program that brings chiropractic care, nutrition, and education on-site – where employees can access the information and engage in the process. We bring a solid foundation of wellness to your workforce so that employees are educated and can make choices that fit their lifestyles.

Throughout the US, companies that have adopted a chiropractic-led corporate wellness program have demonstrated much success. Long-term serious health conditions have decreased, employee participation has increased and employee turnover rate has decreased considerably.