Chiropractic in Rockville

Dr. Casi McFarland Chiropractor Headshot

Envision Health was founded as solely a chiropractic practice in 2001 by Dr. Casi McFarland. Dr. Casi believes in the effectiveness of the Gonstead approach. Her practice has treated patients of all ages to recover and lead better and healthier lives.

Dr. Casi starts each chiropractic exam by conducting a thorough analysis of your spine using the following four steps.

  1. Visualization — Visualization is a way to see and understand the big picture. Dr. Casi looks for subtle changes in your posture and movement, which could indicate why you are having pain or other problems. For example, Dr. Casi will visualize your spine while you are holding your toddler or backpack to better understand where you may be misaligned.
  2. Static Palpation — Dr. Casi will evaluate for swelling (or edema), tenderness, and any abnormal texture or tightness in the muscles and tissues of your back and joints.
  3. Motion Palpation — Dr. Casi knows that studying your joint as it is in motion will help her better determine the cause of your symptoms. She also evaluates the muscles and connective tissue while moving and bending each joint at various angles.
  4. X-Ray Analysis — If necessary, Dr. Casi will recommend that you get an MRI or an X-ray so that she will better understand and visualize the issues in your body.

Dr. Casi provides the following types of chiropractic care.

Pediatric Chiropractic Care 

Health complaints in children can often be treated through chiropractic care.

Adult Chiropractic Care 

Highly effective chiropractic techniques provide the best care for various issues.

Sports/Athletes Chiropractic Care

The right chiropractic care can enhance sports performance.

Wellness Chiropractic 

Envision Health provides chiropractic techniques to improve the long-term wellness of our patients.

Pediatric Chiropractic

Misalignment can be the cause of many childhood ailments. Certainly, many of the issues we see in adults had their beginnings in childhood. Envision Pediatric Chiropractic services can help alleviate many issues, including:

  • Congestion issues – such as colds, coughs, sore throats, tonsillitis, ear infections, and sinus pressure.
  • Season and respiratory problems – such as colds and coughs, asthma, and allergies.
  • Fevers and infections can also get relief from chiropractic services.
  • Childhood problems such as stomachachescolic, and bed-wetting can also improve with chiropractic care.
  • And misalignment issues that result from various falls and sports-related injuries.

Adult / Therapeutic Chiropractic Care

Envision Chiropractic uses various techniques to help improve alignment, reduce pain and improve the quality of life. We work with you, asking many questions and evaluating your chiropractic care needs, to deliver unparalleled service. We determine the best treatment for you and your specific condition. It is our goal to treat immediate problems first, before moving on to the prevention of further injuries or stresses to your body.

Our goal is immediate and long-term healing. Whether you are working through joint issues, recovering from an accident of some sort, seeking relief from pain, or have overused a particular area of your body, we work individually with you to design a program that will lead to success.

Our skills and techniques at Envision Health are advanced. We practice the latest correction methods, which are safer, more comfortable and have better results.

At Envision Health, we work frequently with individuals suffering from:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Knee problems
  • Sciatica
  • Headaches
  • Spine misalignments
  • Athletic injuries
  • Tennis elbow
  • And other ailments.

Sports / Athletes Chiropractic Care

At Envision Health, we are big believers in sports and sport activities. Dr. Casi has been involved in sports throughout her life. Even today she works with many local teams. Perhaps that’s why she got into chiropractic care! Sports injuries actually respond quite well to chiropractic care.

Dr. Casi specializes in treating various athletic injuries. She uses various chiropractic techniques to maximize the outcome of chiropractic care so that individuals can get back to the sports they love! The focus of sports chiropractic care is to optimize the neuro-musculoskeletal system of athletes. Dr. Casi will use various techniques to treat athletes to maximize results.

Wellness Chiropractic Care

Dr. Casi and Envision Health believe in the long-term wellness of our patients. We work with each person to design the specific treatment for recovery. But even more important, we emphasize ongoing wellness. We collaborate with our patients. Our goal is to minimize problems by reviewing their health goals and recommending certain practices. Chiropractic care has evolved over the last few decades and now provides greater care and more informed techniques to bring continued wellness to patients. We believe in helping you create the healthiest version of yourself.

How do we help create a healthier version of yourself? Through regular chiropractic care, we can help strengthen weak areas. If your joints are an issue, we can help continue and extend flexibility for a more fulfilled life style. If mobility is an issue, through continuous chiropractic care we can keep you moving and perhaps even expand your mobility. Instead of eliminating activities, we can help you increase your activities. Instead of shrinking your boundaries, we’ll help you broaden them.