Dr. Casi and Envision Health believe in the long-term wellness of our patients. We work with each person to design the specific treatment for recovery. But even more important, we emphasize ongoing wellness. We collaborate with our patients. Our goal is to minimize problems by reviewing their health goals and recommending certain practices. Chiropractic care has evolved over the last few decades and now provides greater care and more informed techniques to bring continued wellness to patients. We believe in helping you create the healthiest version of yourself.

How do we help create a healthier version of yourself? Through regular chiropractic care, we can help strengthen weak areas. If your joints are an issue, we can help continue and extend flexibility for a more fulfilled life style. If mobility is an issue, through continuous chiropractic care we can keep you moving and perhaps even expand your mobility. Instead of eliminating activities, we can help you increase your activities. Instead of shrinking your boundaries, we’ll help you broaden them.


Don’t wait. Start now. Improve functionality with continuous chiropractic care. Please give us a call at 301-541-3821, or complete the form on the Contact Us page.