Rehabilitative massage therapy frequently is used for musculoskeletal rehabilitation or to reduce pain in people who have a chronic or acute injury. Often the massage therapist may be working on a specific area of the body. There is usually a specific goal in mind – range of motion, less pain or more capabilities.

For example, if you’ve been in an automobile accident, had recent surgery, strained muscles or suffer from terrible headaches, you may want to make an appointment to see a rehabilitative massage therapist. Your chiropractor may even encourage you to seek out a good massage therapist. Manipulation of the muscles and tissue surrounding an inflamed area can greatly relieve pain and provide for greater flexibility.

Very often people seek out a rehabilitative massage therapist when there is a specific complaint. Rehabilitative massage can also keep a condition from becoming chronic. For example, if you’ve been in an automobile accident and have suffered whiplash, massage treatments can prevent the condition from causing life-altering headaches or range of motion issues.

Therapeutic massage can also be highly effective following lymph node surgery.


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