Envision Health works with companies concerned about rising healthcare costs. We help these companies incorporate corporate wellness into their business. A wellness program often pays for itself repeatedly. The workforce becomes more involved and healthier and the healthcare costs go down. Dr. Casi can help employers create a program of wellness that results in better business performance.

Envision Health provides a corporate wellness program that brings chiropractic care, nutrition and education on site – where employees can access the information and engage in the process. We bring a solid foundation of wellness to your workforce so that employees are educated and can make choices that fit their lifestyle.

Throughout the US, companies that have adopted a chiropractic-led corporate wellness program have demonstrated much success. Long-term serious health conditions have decreased, employee participation has increased and employee turnover rate has decreased considerably.


If you would like to discuss a corporate wellness program with Dr. Casi, Please give us a call at 301-541-3821, or complete the form on the Contact Us page.